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Tanus Cabinet Designs, Inc.
Has been servicing the Las Vegas Valley for over 20 years.
Located just moments from the fabulous Las Vegas strip. Home of seasoned design specialists who bring
a vast variety of multicultural concepts to the drawing table.
The entire staff is devoted to creating a masterpiece from the clients concept.
Tanus Cabinet Design, Inc. Has acquired vast resources and experience in many areas, especially the retail industry.
The company continues to design and create stunning retail spaces.
If you are looking custom design cabinet for your home or business, we are you mentors.
The expertise to accomplish such amazing projects includes Woodwork and Cabinetry, CNC milling, LED Lighting,
Aluminum Framing, Metal Work, Glass assemblies and meeting extreme deadlines.
Tanus Cabinet Design, Inc. stands by their work and takes the tasks they undertake seriously ensuring that budgets
and deadlines are met. Clients serviced can rest assured that their project is priced fair and will be delivered as
promised. A great benefit of this company is the personalized experience that clients receive.
One-on-one with the design group and assembly manager take the project to a new level where even the smallest
details are addressed. Besides the professional aspect the experience is always fun and uplifting due to the positive
spirit of Tanus Cabinet Design, Inc.
With a track record of outstanding referrals and workmanship in Luxury Home Cabinetry and Retail Space Design
and Construction, Tanus Cabinet Design, Inc. has proven that they will take on any challenge and exceed expectations.

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Best small business innovation in las vegas

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    "If no one can do it, we can do it by providing an outstanding job, with an affordable budget"