Business Custom Design Cabinets for the Equity Group

Business Custom Design in Las Vegas
Business Custom Design Cabinets Of Las Vegas case study
Tanus cabinet designs designs and build for your individual style and taste. Custom Design Cabinets or commercial cabinets in Las Vegas
Tanus cabinets designs  is a company known for implementing exceptional woodwork designs. We rise above and beyond the everyday standards of craftsmanship. Our master craftsmen incorporate traditional methods of woodworking with present day technology to give you the best cabinetry and woodwork available.
The craftsmanship of business custom cabinets
Tanus designed business cabinets design for major companies in Las Vegas.
One of the project involved designing cabinets for the equity group
The Equity Group is a commercial real estate company based in Las Vegas since 1980. Established by Scott A. Godino,  firm has paved its way in the Las Vegas market building strong, successful relationships. They actively manage over 100 properties totaling nearly six million square feet while brokering over $400 million in commercial real estate transactions. Respected throughout the industry for our experience and knowledge of the Las Vegas market, The Equity Group is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all your commercial real estate needs.


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