Designing a product is a lot of work. We can help. It does not matter if you have a new idea or want to improve an existing product. We will assist you in all aspects of Product Design. As Product Designers, we understand that there many different aspects to designing a product. We provide

  • Idea Generation and Brainstorming
  • Conceptualization
  • Sketching
  • 3D Design and Modeling
  • Rendering
  • Drawings
  • Assembly Model
  • 3D Prototyping

We also assist you to move your product from Design to Production. Our team has serviced clients from all over twenty countries throughout the world. Should you wish to come meet us in person, we currently maintain an office in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.Our Product Design process consists of Four Stages:
Stage One: Product Research
Product Research
This first step consists of defining your Product. We assist you in identifying the details of your product followed by a comprehensive market analysis to determine feasibility and marketability of your product. We then use this data to give you options in developing your product. These options take into consideration cost benefit analysis and return on investment which is constantly being refined throughout the Product Design stages. We provide you with a detailed report of this stage for future reference.
Stage Two: Concept Renderings and Graphic User Interface

Concept Renderings

Here is where the fun begins. Having completed the Product Research and Concept Brainstorming phase, we help you focus your sketches down to the best ideas that meet your business objectives. These selections are illustrated as 3D Color Renderings using SolidWorks, PhotoShop and PhotoWorks software. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) software we utilize allows us to provide you with a glimpse of your new product. Black and White and/or Color options are available. Deliverables include concept color renderings and aesthetic design evaluation.

Graphic User Interface

Our “GUI” as known in the industry, assists us in developing and testing your product to ensure maximum utility is realized. This stage includes 2D Graphic Design and a 3D Interactive Analysis. At this point, most clients will explore logo and icon design utilizing instructional and interactive graphics. Graphic design refinements are made throughout this stage. Deliverables include product graphics, traditional membrane control panel graphic layouts and LCD touchscreen interactive design.

Phase Three: Ergonomic Design, Styling Model Design and Styling Model Build

Ergonomic Design

Literally a “hands on” project, we integrate our market research, scaling and a host of relevant concepts are utilized to enhance your design ensuring comfort factors for the final product. Thereafter, an ergonomic analysis is conducted utilizing a mock product to obtain a “real life” feel is optimized. Deliverables include ergonomic diagrams, digital images and conclusions based on our findings.

Styling Model Design

This stage refines the selected concept(s) by creating a 3D Styling Model Geometry (unshelled). This is used to verify that components are sized to unsure functionality at the model level. Deliverables include styling model geometry.

Styling Model Build

Creating a 3D physical object for clients to touch and feel. This non-functional model is visually comparable to the final product. Deliverables include proof-of-concept model(s), breadboard model(s) or handmade model(s) from foam, foam core, renwood, plastic and clay.


Phase Four: Manufacturing Options & Vendor Sourcing, Prototype Design and Prototype Build

Manufacturing Options & Vendor Sourcing

Select from our preferred vendor list for your new Product Design. We strongly suggest working closely with your vendor to reduce required design changes and lead-time. Deliverables include reliable estimates and final quotations.

Prototype Design

Utilizing SolidWorks design software, we design a 3D Prototype Geometry which includes fully defined exterior surfaces with draft, preliminary ribs, bosses and parting line joints. The prototype geometry is built around interior components with clearance checks performed based on client specifications. The prototype geometry is a valuable template for the final design, however it is not used directly for production tooling. Deliverables include prototype geometry.

Prototype Build

A prototype model is built using the prototype geometry to physically represent the new product design. The aesthetics, number of parts, service, industry standards, manufacturing processes, materials and assembly are all represented as accurately as SLA and CNC processes permit. We can provide silicone rubber molds and multiple cast parts with threaded brass inserts when several prototypes are required. Painted steel, machined aluminum and stainless steel prototype parts are also available. Deliverables include a functional prototype model and prototype evaluation.


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